CBD For Dog Anxiety

CBD Helps Dog Anxiety

Anxiety is a challenging condition to navigate, but it becomes harder when you can’t vocalize the way you feel. For your furry friend, fear and separation can cause him to feel anxiety and stress, but he can’t tell you that. Anxiety-related conditions affect about 1 in 10 dogs. Some fears become so intense that they can be classified as phobias and cause a visible response at the slightest reminder. CBD for dog anxiety is a natural health supplement that can reduce your pet’s stress and stabilize his mood to keep him happy and healthy.

What Causes Dog Anxiety?

Dog anxiety is a direct response to fear or agitation and can cause aggression or other dog behavior problems. Dogs can develop anxiety as puppies as a result of negative social interactions after birth. Therefore, dogs from puppy mills have a much higher chance of exhibiting anxious behavior. Depending on his environment, past and genetics, your pet may be afraid of many things:

  • Loud noises (thunder, fireworks, gunshots)
  • Strange people and animals
  • Visual stimuli (hats, umbrellas)
  • New environments
  • Vets and groomers
  • Travel
  • Unfamiliar surfaces (grass, wood floors, steps)

Most dog anxiety disorders solidify between 12 to 36 months but can appear during any age. Older dogs often display pain-related anxiety from illness or injury and separation anxiety due to a decline in thinking, learning and memory. Mental stimulation and active environments as a puppy may lower the risk of canine cognitive dysfunction and its related anxiety complications.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is characterized by intense anxiety and destructive behavior when you’re away from home. This condition can result from dysfunctional attachment or a change in daily routines. If your pet is a rescue, he may be more likely to show signs of separation anxiety because he has already experienced unexpected separation from his owner. One way to get your pup to trust you is establishing that you will always come home. This trusting relationship may help reduce your pet’s separation anxiety. Conditioning methods that focus on creating a stable routine allow your pet to feel more comfortable when you are away.

Pets that suffer from separation anxiety may destroy doorways, urinate and defecate indoors or try to escape. When supplemented with products like CBD for dog anxiety, your pet will feel calm enough to break these habits long term.

What Are the Signs of Dog Anxiety

Every pup responds to fear and anxiety differently, but repetitive behavior may indicate your dog has developed an anxiety disorder. If your pet is suffering from anxiety, he may dig excessively, chew household items, or bark constantly. Panting, drooling, lowered ears or a tucked tail can be signs that your pup is fearful or in distress. Some dogs with fear-related anxiety may begin to exhibit aggression to remove themselves from the situation. Identifying the cause of your pet’s fear or anxiety allows you to create a stress-free environment for your fur baby.

What is CBD for Dog Anxiety?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound present in Hemp plants. The healing properties of this cannabinoid, or chemical compound, are widespread, spanning from the brain to the skin, making it a strong competitor in the natural health market. By working with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), CBD provides pain relief, immune system support, better sleep quality and reduced stress and anxiety. The ECS is a network of molecules and receptors that respond to endocannabinoids produced by the body and plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD. When you give your pet CBD, he may feel more relaxed than he would normally. Because chronic stress and anxiety can create digestive complications, it is important to regulate the amount of stress your pet feels daily – CBD can do just that.

Pure Paws Hemp Products

At Pure Paws Hemp, we strive to relieve the symptoms of dog anxiety with a diverse human-grade product line. Our CBD is sourced from non-GMO Industrial Hemp grown on American farms without harmful pesticides or chemicals. Using a CO2 extraction process, we separate CBD from the other compounds in the Hemp plant like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive cannabinoid in Marijuana responsible for causing a “high.” The resulting CBD isolate is 99 percent pure and will not cause your pup to feel intoxicated, but it may encourage total relaxation and reduce stress. Try our CBD Hemp Oil – available in chicken and beef flavors – to provide your pet with an overall health and wellness boost daily.