CBD Oil Dosage For Cats

Dosing guide for CBD Oil for Cats

Finding the right CBD Oil dosage for cats based on the severity of their symptoms can be tricky because they rarely outwardly display pain and discomfort. Our CBD dosing chart gives you the best serving size for your cat based on her weight.  The recommended serving size of CBD Oil for cats gives your pet an overall health and wellness boost through regular use.

pure paws hemp cbd oil dosage for cats

If Garfield weighs 24 lbs. he will need 16 drops of 125mg Pure Paws Cat Oil to jump start his day – especially on Mondays.

Higher potency products can also provide a higher concentration of CBD for more stubborn and persistent symptoms in your feline family. We know that all your furry friends may have different needs, so our CBD Oil are available in a range of potencies to deliver the most relief to your pets.

When Should I Administer the CBD Oil Dosage for Cats?

CBD Oil can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to take effect. Depending on your desired results, you should give your pet CBD Oil before she begins to experience symptoms. For example, if your pet gets anxious during storms, give her a dose of CBD at the first sign of rain. This allows her to relax before the storm and stay calm through the night.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a general supplement for your pet’s health, create a routine by giving your pet a serving of CBD around the same time every morning. This consistency will allow the CBD to create a more significant impact and help your tabby start the day off right. Want to help your cat make the most of her day? Use our chart to determine the right CBD Oil dosage for cats and give it to her 30 minutes before bedtime. Eventually, your cat’s natural sleep cycle will begin to reflect her CBD regimen, and she will start to wind down at the same time each night and stay up to play more during the day.

How Should I Give My Cat CBD Oil?

Pure Paws Hemp CBD Oil for cats comes with a dropper to make it easy to give to your feline friends. Give your cat CBD Oil straight from the dropper or mix it in with her food. With flavors like salmon, chicken and beef, your cat won’t be able to resist her daily serving of CBD. Get creative and incorporate the CBD Oil dosage for cats into a no-bake treat for special occasions. Too many treats can cause weight gain, so give them in moderation.

Is CBD Safe For My Cat?

CBD Oil is an all-natural product designed with your pet’s health and safety in mind. That is why we fill up our products with the things she needs like omega-3 fatty acids and leave out chemicals and harmful additives. Sourced from organic Industrial Hemp, our product line represents the best in CBD pet brands. We manufacture our CBD Oil using 99 percent pure CBD isolate that is THC-free, so your chosen cat CBD Oil dosage won’t cause your pet to feel “high.” The blend of Corn Oil, Salmon Oil and pure CBD in our veterinarian-approved oil works to strengthen your pet’s skin and coat, improve digestive and immune health, and reduce pain and anxiety.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Too Much CBD?

There are no serious side effects associated with taking too much CBD, so don’t worry if you gave your pet a little more than the recommended CBD Oil dosage for cats. Check with your veterinarian before introducing new supplements into your cat’s daily regimen because different prescriptions and health supplements impact each other differently.

Pure Paws Hemp products can open new doors of wellness for your pet. When taken regularly, you may see gradual improvements in your pet’s appetite, sleep habits, immune response and digestion. Learn more about how giving your pet CBD Oil can improve her daily activity.