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Gourmet CBD Dog Biscuits


Pure Paws Hemp Gourmet Dog Biscuits provide your furry friend with a tasty treat chock full of wellness benefits. Viable for dogs of all sizes, our 150mg CBD Dog Treats have many potential benefits for your dog including: lowering stress, promoting calm and relaxation and more. Pure Paws CBD Biscuits are third-party lab tested and contain less than 0.3% THC, ensuring that our treats are safe for your pup.

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Serving Size: 1-2 Biscuits
Servings per container: 15

Ingredients: Pea  Flour,  Chicken  Meal,  Pork  Meal,  Pea  Protein,  Chicken  Fat  (Preserved  with  Mixed  Tocopherols),  Pure CBD,  Natural  Flavors,  Dried  Whey,  Dicalcium  Phosphate,  Added  Color  (FD&C  Red  40,  FD&C  Yellow  5,FD&C  Yellow  6,  FD&C  Blue  1),  Algae  Meal,  Vitamin  A  Supplement,  Vitamin  D3  Supplement,  Vitamin  E  Supplement,  Zinc  Sulfate,  Ferrous  Sulfate,  Niacin,  Calcium  Pantothenate,  Riboflavin  Supplement,  Copper  Sulfate,  Pyridoxine  Hydrochloride,  Thiamine  Mononitrate,  Manganese  Sulfate,  Zinc  Proteinate,  Manganese  Proteinate,  Copper  Proteinate,  Calcium  Iodate,  Cobalt  Carbonate,  Folic  Acid,  Sodium  Selinite,  Biotin,  Vitamin  B12  Supplement,  Mixed  Tocopherols  (preservative)  Rosemary  Extract,  Green  Tea  Extract.


What are 150mg CBD Dog Treats?

CBD is a compound that Pure Paws Hemp extracts from Industrial Hemp plants. CBD derived from Industrial Hemp is federally legal to sell and consume. This compound has gained recognition for its wide variety of wellness benefits.

Every dog has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that is made up of cannabinoid receptors and molecules. The ECS is responsible for maintaining major functions of the dog’s body including their immune system, pain response, stress levels, appetite, inflammation, and much more. CBD may help stimulate the dog’s ECS receptors. Consuming 150mg CBD Dog Treats allows your dog to receive the potential benefits that CBD has to offer.


How Many CBD Dog Biscuits Should I Give My Pet?

Pure Paws Hemp has a recommended serving guide for dogs of all sizes. CBD is variable in the way it affects every dog depending on factors such as age, size, gender and metabolism.


Will 150mg CBD Dog Treats Get My Pet High?

No, Pure Paws CBD Dog Biscuits will not get your pet high. The CBD in our dog biscuits contains less than 0.3% THC – the compound in marijuana associated with getting “high.” This method ensures a safe treat that will help provide calming relaxation for your dog.


Why Pure Paws Hemp?

Pure Paws Hemp is a leading pet CBD brand focused on providing the wellness properties of the Hemp plant to your dog. We maintain strict quality standards over our 150mg CBD Dog Treats by conducting all of our production in-house. This allows us to guarantee the purity and quality of our dog treats so that your pet can receive the wellness benefits. We also conduct independent third-party lab tests to make sure our products are up to standard and contain less than 0.3% THC. Our goal is to help your dog stay as healthy as possible so that you have more time for walks, car rides, and belly scratches.


  1. John Watson

    Excellent! What a great way to get my dog to calm down!

  2. Danny

    My dog freaks out when there is lightening. I gave him just ONE and he quit whining. Thank you so much!

  3. Amanda

    My dog whines and cries whenever we go somewhere. It’s annoying but it also breaks my heart! I want to just hold her! We got some of your bisquits online and she liked them. Now when we leave, she wags her tail cause she knows that she is gonna get a treat!

  4. Cassandra

    I only gave you three stars cause I just ordered the dog treats and I dont know how they are gonna work. I was happy to see your website and pet products.

  5. Miss Helen

    My little Trixie begs and begs to get another one! She didnt really have any issues, but she is getting sorta old and I thought they may help her. She seems to be moving around and playing more. What a great product!

  6. Larry

    my buddy gave me one of his even tho they are expensive. my big pooch turns his nose up on anything that has medicine in it so I thought he wouldnt like it. But he did. I will try some to see if he will take it again. We’ll see. I will let you know.

  7. Mary Lynn

    yay! giving these to my pup is calming ME down!

  8. Steve

    Tried them, like them, now when are they going to go on sale???

  9. Gino

    We live in a pretty wild section of town. There is a lot of noise and lots of dogs barking. It is making my dog crazy! She runs around the house barking and I am afraid she will have a heart attck. I just got my dog treats in the mail and Im gonna try them.

  10. Jennifer

    My little doll baby has cancer. I am so sad that I cant do much for her. I read somewhere that CBD can help so I am going to try. God Bless you if this gives her some relief.

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