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5 Benefits of CBD Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like those of us who cringe at trips to the dentist, our pets often dread the thought of bath time. So why make it last longer than it has to with a myriad of grooming products when one can get the job done quickly and easily? Pure Paws Hemp 2-in-1 Pure CBD Pet Shampoo…

CBD Pet Shampoo and Conditioner for Skin allergies and conditions

CBD Banana Butter Balls Recipe

Your furry friend will go bananas for this delicious recipe. CBD banana butter balls deliver a powerful dose of antioxidants to boost your pup’s immune system and keep him happy and healthy. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may reduce pain and help heal your precious pooch in a natural way. Pure Paws Hemp offers CBD…

Dog treat recipes with CBD

11 Benefits Of Having A Pet This National Pet Day

We love pets of all shapes and sizes, so if you’re wondering if you should get your own loyal companion, then the answer is absolutely. Each year on April 11th, people around the world celebrate National Pet Day to show some extra love to their best buddies. Adopting a pet can improve your life in…

National Pet Day Benefits

Paw Wax For Healthy Foot Pads

It’s heating up – time to add some extra protection to your dog’s paws.  Your family trips to the beach or park make springtime a blast, but hot asphalt and sand can cause burns and blisters on your pet’s paw pads making it uncomfortable for her to stand and walk. Fortunately, regular paw care and…

Paw Butter for Dog Paws

Which Dog Shots Does Your Puppy Need?

You want to keep your best buddy happy, and that starts by keeping her healthy. Vaccinations lower the risk of your pup contracting potentially deadly illnesses and help her fight off infections when she catches them. Many states mandate specific dog shots to protect humans and animals, so it’s important to know what vaccines your…

Necessary Dog Shots and Puppy Vaccines

6 Ways To Soothe Dog Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis can be particularly difficult for your four-legged companion. Jumping on the couch, climbing the stairs, or laying on the cold tile can cause aching joints. Unfortunately, arthritis is a progressive condition without a cure. However, there are ways to relieve the stress your dog may feel from arthritis. Small additions and changes can make…

Soothe Dog Arthritis Symptoms with CBD

9 Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

With the sad eyes and pleading whines, it’s hard to resist giving your pup a bite or two of your food. However, not all food is created for puppies, and certain ingredients can leave your fur baby with completely avoidable health complications. It’s okay to share your food with your pup, but only when you…

Foods that are toxic to dogs

3 Pet Products Your Best Buddy Needs This Spring

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken, and spring is here. After a long, cold winter, it’s time to get back out and active with your best buddy. Bring in the new season with fun finds for your pup. Here are 3 must-have pet products for the spring.

Pet Products you need this spring

How to Help A Dog Adjust To a New Home

Congratulations! Moving into a new home marks a new and exciting adventure for you, but for your furry friend, the experience can be unsettling. While you understand the transition from one house to another, your pup doesn’t quite get why you’re putting all his favorite things in boxes and taking him to a strange place….

Help your dog with Pure Paws Hemp CBD

A Pet Care Guide For Healthy Dog Grooming Practices

Caring for a puppy or new dog can be extremely rewarding, but even more work when you aren’t sure where to start with his grooming. How often are you supposed to bathe him and brush his teeth? Pure Paws Hemp has compiled an easy guide to dog grooming to keep your pet so fresh and…

A Pet Care Guide for Dog Grooming Blog