7 Ways CBD Oil Benefits Your Furry Friend

CBD Oil Benefits your dog

You and your pet have so much in common, namely that CBD Oil benefits him in almost the same ways as it benefits you. Aside from tasting great and being easy to use, Pure Paws CBD Hemp Oil also provides pain relief, better behavior, healthier skin and more.

Pure Paws Hemp CBD Oil Benefits List

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Pain Relief

Perhaps one of the most notable CBD Oil benefits is pain relief. Pain and inflammation are natural responses to injury and infection to signal the immune response. In some cases, inflammation can become excessive or unnecessary, caused by overactive immune cells that extend the immune response beyond healing. CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. When you give your pet CBD, the natural compound targets areas of inflammation and works to accelerate the healing process. CBD binds to these overactive immune cells to activate caspase. The molecule induces cell death to curb inflammation and make your pet comfortable again.

In the same way, CBD influences the levels of other cannabinoids in the body. For example, your body naturally produces anandamide, a “bliss” molecule, to regulate pain, depression, appetite, memory and more. When your fur buddy feels pain, the body produces anandamide which binds with ECS receptors to dull the sensation of pain. However, this effect is short-lived due to FAAH, a molecule that breaks down anandamide. CBD inhibits the actions of FAAH which allows anandamide to work for a longer period of time. Although your pup’s body works to protect and heal itself, it sometimes needs a hand. One of the many CBD Oil benefits is its ability to enhance the function of the ECS, offering full-body benefits for your pet.

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An anxious or aggressive pup can be a handful for your family – but sometimes, the little guy can’t help it. You are not alone - a large number of vet referrals each year are related to behavior. There are many treatment options available to restore your pet’s happy demeanor, and natural calming supplements may help with the process. Pure Paws CBD Hemp Oil can soothe your pet’s anxiety and calm his aggressive behavior without the harmful side effects associated with traditional medication.

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Has your pet’s scratching become the soundtrack of your life? Irritated, itchy skin can indicate a dog skin condition that may stem from allergens, low oil production or infection. The scope of CBD Oil benefits is broad, extending to the skin and fur. When you give your pet CBD, the cannabinoid can stimulate proper oil secretion to nourish the coat and controlling the rate of the cell cycle to prevent dandruff. When the skin is adequately moisturized and conditioned, fur can grow stronger and healthier.

pure paws hemp cbd antioxidant properties

Many pet health conditions stem from a diet lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. CBD Oil benefits the body by delivering a potent dose of antioxidants that protect the body and strengthen the immune system against allergens and infections. A poor diet increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia. Research suggests that CBD can defend against the deterioration of cells and facilitate neural regeneration to combat the effects of it.

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As your dog ages, he may start to slow down and lose mobility, with conditions like osteoarthritis and dysplasia causing him to struggle.  CBD can decrease swelling and inflammation, which may restore lost mobility and get your animal companion back to chasing butterflies in no time. Pure Paws products also encourages proper growth to protect against joint and mobility problems in old age.

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Great Taste

We want your pet to experience CBD Oil benefits in a tasty and fun way. Pure Paws Hemp offers CBD Oil in savory chicken and beef flavors that will leave your pet wanting more. Our human-grade product line - curated from natural ingredients - is safe for pets of various breeds and sizes. We would never offer anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, so we put it to the test – some say it tastes just like chicken broth.

Easy To Use

CBD Hemp Oil comes with a dropper to conveniently place the product in your pup’s mouth. You can also put this oil in his water, wet food or kibble. Try sprinkling it on a treat to reward your furry friend with a boost of health and wellness that only CBD Oil can provide.

Pure Paws Exclusive CBD Oil Benefits Bonus

Many CBD Oil benefits have yet to be discovered, but the natural compound is already helping pups with several conditions. CBD is a non-addictive and non-psychoactive compound, so your furry friend won’t feel “high.” At Pure Paws Hemp, we extract CBD from non-GMO, organic Industrial Hemp grown on American farms, free of harsh chemicals and harmful pesticides. All our products are manufactured in-house for quality assurance, and a third-party lab conducts tests to certify their purity. You can rest easy knowing you’re giving your fur baby a high-quality CBD product that will help him and make his life easier and more enjoyable. Shop our CBD Hemp Oil for your fur buddy today.