6 Ways To Soothe Dog Arthritis Symptoms

Pure Paws Hemp soothe dog arthritis symptoms with CBD

Arthritis can be particularly difficult for your four-legged companion. Jumping on the couch, climbing the stairs, or laying on the cold tile can cause aching joints. Unfortunately, arthritis is a progressive condition without a cure. However, there are ways to relieve the stress your dog may feel from arthritis. Small additions and changes can make your pet more comfortable and reduce dog arthritis symptoms.

baby blue paw print small iconMaintain an Exercise Routine

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it applies to your pet. The less he uses his joints, the stiffer they will become and the more likely he is to lose mobility. Even though his bones may be in pain, he still needs daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight and keep him on-the-go for the long haul. Consider swimming or playing on soft surfaces like grass to help him exercise without the added stress on his bones.

small navy blue paw printHave a Comfortable Bed for Your Pet

Laying on hardwood or tile without any cushion can worsen dog arthritis symptoms over time. Invest in a comfortable bed for him that will support his joints and decrease the amount of pain he feels.

small gray paw print iconUse Pet Ramps

Jumping on and off furniture can be a challenge for dogs with arthritic symptoms. The extra exertion it takes to get on the couch and the pressure on his joints when he lands on the hard floor makes it even worse. Cushioned ramps or stairs can make it easier for your pet to get onto the bed or couch so that you can still snuggle together.

baby blue paw print small iconDecorate with Non-Slip Rugs

Running on tile and hardwood floor puts pressure on your pet’s joints and can intensify dog arthritis symptoms. Without traction on floors, dogs often slip and experience bruising and swelling, which makes your pup scared to move around the house.

small navy blue paw printKeep Your Home Warm

Just like your joints may start to ache when a cold front or storm comes through, the same thing happens with your pet. Cold temperatures can cause his bones to ache and lock up. When he’s laying on the cold, hard floor, his joints may feel even worse, so a comfy bed and blanket may alleviate your pup’s pain. Keep his body warm by turning up the heat – especially during the winter months.

small gray paw print iconSupport His Joints with Natural Supplements

Many natural supplements lessen swelling and related pain in your dog’s knees and elbows. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in Hemp plants known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. When used regularly, you may notice less swelling in your pet’s joints and increased mobility as a result. CBD Oil can calm the pain your pet may feel and slow the progression of arthritis, osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.

When it comes to making a more comfortable life for your pet and managing common arthritis symptoms, your veterinarian is the first place to start. They will give you recommendations based on your furry friend’s condition and the severity of joint damage. As far as making your home friendlier for your pet, these steps can help regulate some of his day to day stress. Learn more about how CBD can help with other joint conditions.

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