Calming Pet Anxiety On Fourth Of July Weekend

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Independence Day is right around the corner which means family, fun and fireworks. Exciting, right? Maybe for you, but for your pet, not so much. The holidays can be scary for your furry friend when she sees new faces, travels to new places or experiences constant fireworks. Pet anxiety during the holidays is extremely common, but there are natural supplements like CBD that may make your pet more comfortable and reduce her anxiety this weekend without sacrificing the fun.

Causes of Holiday Pet Anxiety

Your pup can experience fear from traveling to new places or hearing the loud pops of firecrackers nightly. It is normal for your pet to be a little apprehensive around strange faces, but if she is running and hiding or becoming overly aggressive, she may suffer from a pet anxiety disorder. Chronic stress from these encounters can snowball and cause gastrointestinal troubles, skin conditions and behavioral problems.

Fireworks and Other Loud NoisesPet Anxiety from fourth of july fireworks

The soundtrack of the weekend features the loud pops of fireworks, the giggles of kids playing and the hustle and bustle of cars zooming through the neighborhood. Every season’s carols are noisy and distinct, and they can all scare your fur buddy. Pet anxiety of loud noises can be tied to the uncertainty of where the sound is coming from or the thought something bad will happen.


You may be traveling out of town this season to visit the family beach house-- so what do you do if your pet fears car rides? Travel can cause nausea and a feeling of confinement which induces pet anxiety and fear. Car rides are often associated with negative destinations for like the groomer or vet and can cause your pup to feel frightened or unsettled.


Pet anxiety around strangers can spur from genetics, lack of socialization as a puppy or a history of abuse and neglect. It requires a lot of patience to change your pet’s outlook toward new people and you may need to seek help from a professional trainer or behaviorist to safely curb aggression.

Treating Pet Anxiety During the Holidays

There are many conditioning methods designed to lower pet anxiety and make the holidays go smoothly. The most important practice for soothing your pet’s fears is making her feel comfortable and safe. Creating a safe space for your fur companion that she can go when she feels stressed or anxious can make a big difference in her interactions with others. Be sure to create lots of positive associations with this area through treats, toys and snuggles. Distracting your pet from her fear can help keep her at bay during times of distress.

When traveling with your pet, make sure she is safe and secure. It may take some time for your pup to establish confidence in travel before she can take a big trip. You can form positive associations with the car through comfortable seating and treats – treats are always the answer. Safe driving and lots of potty breaks may make your caravan a breeze.

Don’t punish your pupper – instead help her feel relaxed in her new environment.


When your pup faces her fear, she may get so anxious or aggressive that she medication becomes a necessity. Medication may relax your pet and allow her to be more receptive to conditioning. Pure Paws Hemp products can soothe your pet in a natural and safe way.

What Is CBD For Pet Anxiety?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in Hemp plants. This cannabinoid, or chemical compound, interacts with the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, to provide health benefits. The network of receptors and molecules maintains body balance and regulates pain, mood and sleep. When you give your pup CBD, it enhances the function of the ECS, allowing pain and anxiety relief to happen quicker and last longer.

At Pure Paws Hemp, we extract CBD from superior-grade Industrial Hemp plants grown on American farms, free of harsh chemicals and pesticides. Using a CO2 extraction process, we separate CBD from the other cannabinoids present in Hemp plants like THC, resulting in a 99 percent pure CBD isolate. All our products are manufactured in-house for quality assurance and third-party lab tested to certify their purity. You can rest assured that your pup is getting the highest quality product to calm their anxiety this holiday season. Learn more about how CBD may help soothe separation anxiety in dogs.